Aussie Car Loans has a wide range of car insurance products to protect you, your family, and your new purchase.

Underwritten by one of the world’s biggest insurance companies, you can feel confident that Aussie Car Loans has access to an insurer with strength, size and support.When combined with  our refreshingly enthusiastic level of customer service, you can always feel supported during those times of need.

We have put together some information about car insurance, including GAP Cover, loan protection and extended warranty insurance, for your perusal below. Call 1300 769 999 today or fill our online insurance quote form.

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Extended Warranty

Sometimes called Extended Warranty, this insurance safeguards you in case of faults or breakdowns giving you added security and peace of mind.

Loan Protection

Also known as Consumer Credit Insurance, this is another popular which provides loan protection in unforeseen circumstances.

Comprehensive Car Insurance

This insurance covers damage to your vehicle, loss of your vehicle or property, theft and damage to other people’s property.

GAP Cover

Also known as Shortfall Insurance, this is another popular and relatively cheap form of valuable cover.

Buying A Car Privately

Be sure to check out this valuable information before making any decisions.

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