Maintaining a good credit history will hold you in good stead whenever you want to take out a loan in the future, so without any further we do, here are three top tips to maintaining a good credit history from the loans experts themselves Aussie car loans.

#1 Pay your bills on time - Not only will you avoid late fees in the short term but you are taking a big step in the right direction for maintaining a good credit history in the long run, usually after 30 days if a bill remains unpaid the credit bureau is notified and this will affect your credit history.

#2 Update your contact details - if you move house or change phone numbers, you need to notify your credit and service providers because if they can't find you, things can get serious with debt collectors getting involved and your credit history affected.

#3 Check your credit file - Approximately once a year, you should check your credit file to ensure that all the information is current and correct. This also helps ensure no one is using your identity to obtain credit or to commit an identity crime.

Maintaining a good credit history will put you in good stead when you go to get a loan.

A poor credit history may mean your interest rate on the loan is higher or you may not even be able to get a loan (with the exception of a bad credit loan). If you are looking for car finance get in touch with our specialists who can help you obtain finance at the best rate and suit your financial situation.

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